21st Century Huna

Episode 37 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/11/18 ~ 21st Century Huna

How do we take the knowledge of the ancients and make it our own? How can we call upon the genius of the past to illuminate our path into an unpredictable and sometimes seemingly hostile future? How can we discover the secrets to turning our attention from all that surrounds us to that which sources us – inside… where we live… – that we might design a more meaningful world?

Join Louise as she engages with Sheila Winter Wallace – Full Initiator in Huna, the practices of the Ancient Hawaiians – to find a solid platform from which to launch ourselves into a brighter world!

In conversation with: Sheila Winter Wallace – WSI Affiliate and Full Initiator in Huna – walks the talk. Her life-long journey to discover that primal hum within herself has included exploration of Huna, the practices of the Ancient Hawaiians. Now, as a CODE Model Coach™, Sheila unlocks the secrets of ancient wisdom in a powerful new paradigm, that she might find her way back to herself. To find out more about Sheila, visit her website.

Listen to Episode 37


Louise and Shiela continue their conversation after the show ended. You’re invited to be part of that exploration with them. Listen to the Additional Material for Episode 37


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If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast Reclaiming Your Self with Louise LeBrun using iTunes,

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