BVA’s in the Workplace

Episode 36 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/11/11 ~ BVA’s in the Workplace

BVA’s – beliefs, values and attitudes – determine the lives we create for ourselves and each other. They are the underpinnings of what we notice and how we define it; and they determine what we choose to do about it. BVA’s in the workplace can propel us forward or make our lives miserable. Where do they come from? How can we change them? And what motivates us to do so?

Join Louise as she explores these invisible frameworks with Kae Shelby Roberts to discover what we can do, by choice; and what we now must do, by law.

In conversation with: Kae Shelby Roberts – Certified CODE Model Coach™ and Founder of Awakening Wave Organizational Evolution. With a background in military and para-military organizations, Kae brings her wisdom and experience to assist others in identifying what works and what doesn’t; and in determining how to make a difference through it all. To find out more about Kae and her work, visit her website.

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2 thoughts on “BVA’s in the Workplace

  1. Louise LeBrun

    My thanks to Kae for a great conversation – proof yet again that it’s not that people resist change, it’s that they select carefully how they are wiling to go about creating change. That is indeed, a sign of a high IQ.

    The Fully Alive book and the 2-CD set will provide the background not only to help you make sense of it all, but make it possible for you to begin to embrace new ideas in your own life – at work and at home.

    Also, be sure to check out Kae’s website and explore her upcoming two-day workshop so that you can experience it rather than talk about experiencing it. THAT is what really makes it all happen!

  2. Kae S. Roberts

    The hour flew by. There is so much more to speak to on our willingness and ability to engage in our lives, authentically and in a manner that sees us creating the life we desire, inclusive of a respectful workplace.

    As family systems go, so too are our workplaces a fractal of this great big ole planet that we all live on and share. Does your workplace bring calm and contentment to your life force, or disruption and despair?

    Feel free to connect with me at if you’d like to have a conversation about that as it relates to your personal and professional wellness. You can also go to my website, and click on “Our Programs” to find out more about my upcoming wellness offering, From Survival to Thrival in the Workplace.

    Kae S. Roberts
    Awakening Wave Organizational Evolution
    We’re not just a business, we’re a purpose!

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