My ‘C’ Words

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Continue to celebrate your innate truth and every opportunity you have to know your truth.


I love BSI sessions [] with Sheila Winter Wallace. I go with something lurking in the back of my mind and playing out in my body and, within a few hours, I’m clear about what was bugging me.  I’ve worked through and metabolized it.

Such was the case at my last session. I’ve suffered with migraine headaches for much of my adult life.  When I was completing my teaching training year, the worst migraine I had lasted for over a month.  It was bad enough that I thought that I’d have to withdraw from the programme.  And I got through it and completed the year.

What I know now is that migraines are, for me, all about performance. It’s when I’ve felt that I’ve had to put up with something and not say anything about what was bothering me, when I’ve been told, “Just do it and quit griping!”, when I’ve been told that there’s nothing wrong so what’s my problem – like I’ve been the cause of my discomfort, when I’ve questioned my right to honour what I was feeling, when I’ve felt that I should just go with it all and not make any waves – that’s when the migraine has developed.

Lately, they started to come back first as ocular migraines which severely affected my vision. Now there’s a metaphor if there ever was one – my clarity of vision for mySelf was compromised.  And then they developed to the kind of headaches I used to get – the kind that not only affected my vision but also my digestion.  It’s like my whole body has been saying to me, “Pay attention!  I’m telling you something!”

And I have paid attention and in doing that, I’ve come to know the C words in my life: care, curiosity, clarity, capacity, contribution, and courage.

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