We’re All in Sales

Have you considered that each of us is in sales? We sell our wants, desires, and choices. We sell our thoughts and ideas.


A few years ago, one of my sisters said that we were all in sales. At the time, I was still teaching in the public secondary school system in Ontario.  When I thought of myself, as an educator, being in sales, I was taken aback.  Teachers selling something?  The very thought seemed to be disrespectful.

And as I let the idea rumble inside, I came to know that, yes, I was in sales as an educator. So what was I selling?  My agenda for the daily class over my students’;  that the class required some basic rules of operation so that the work could be completed;  that the curricular expectations for the course were attainable; that my students could really do the assignments I created for them to demonstrate their learning; that my students had a right to question things …


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