Inviting School Success — Review

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Inviting School Success

Wm. W Purkey

ISBN 13: 9780534028916

Publisher: Wadsworth Pub Co, 1984


Inviting School Success by William Purkey, a Professor of Counselling and Development at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, provides teachers and administrators with a way of thinking about what is truly worthwhile and valuable in schools and in education. Purkey’s premise is grounded on five principles:  that all people are able, valuable, and responsible and should always be treated accordingly; that all education should be a collaboration between teacher and student and that education and learning are co-operative activities; that the process of learning is as valuable if not more so than the end product; that all people have great depths of potential which only need to have an outlet for expression; and that education and learning should be designed to invite people to achieve to their fullest potential.

Purkey posits that educators have a responsibility to create an environment which is engaging. To this end, educators should trust what we know and have the courage and imagination to invite our students into the learning process. We should give our students opportunities to explore concepts in depth as they choose. We should invite our students to have a say in what they learn and how they learn.  Educators should make the work we give our students real, honest and challenging. We must hold our students as able to do what we ask of them while we provide them with the scaffolding which they might need to accomplish the work.

I know from all of my experiences in education, both as a student and as a teacher, what is possible when learning is an invitation to know more and become more – when it is empowering and not drudgery.

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