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As I continue to evolve, I am more and more clear about who I AM and how I’m choosing to live my life.  I am aware of how I have distracted myself from knowing MY TRUTH.  And I celebrate that I no longer do that.  I celebrate mySelf in each breath.  …


The truth that I AM is the context for my whole life: the basis of all the choices I make.

I have always believed that people should have opportunities to realize their full power. I believe that the future of our world lies in the hands of all those who are awake to the unique essence that they are and the potential they wield for exploration.  The immensity of change and transformation possible is in the depth of the journey of exploration we, individually and together, are willing to take.

I know that there is no possibility of change and transformation if I live only with my unease about the current conditions of the world. There is no movement forward to create what I want in my world if my only response is to move away from what discomforts me.

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