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E:me again.pdfDo we fear mediocrity?  Do we only do things or attempt something new if we can be the best at them?  How do you hold mediocrity in relation to your life?


I used to have a poster on my refrigerator which read, “To be mediocre scares the hell out of me.” When I put that poster on my fridge, I thought only that I would enjoy the quirkiness of it.  At the time, I knew nothing about the vibration and energy that words have.  And so, I didn’t consider the impact that seeing those words every day (and sometimes more than once a day) would have on me.

What I remember is how increasingly uncomfortable I felt each time I read those words – how emotionally down I got. And I remember the poster not being there one day and wondering where it had gone.  (In hindsight, I think it got knocked off when my old fridge was replaced with a new one.)  And I remember the relief I felt when it was no longer there as a daily reminder.

What did mediocre mean to me? Doing a complex equivalence [NLP] extrapolation of that word, I know that, for me, it meant being shoddy and unfinished, imperfect, a waste of someone else’s time and energy, and, in my case, fat and ugly.

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