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E:me again.pdfEveryone has moments in their life where they make a choice and everything changes immediately.  Each one gives us the chance to know who we are and to own our personal truth.  What have been the key moments in your life?

“And then I had a key moment. Do you know what that is?”

“A key moment. Tell me.”

“That’s the moment when everything changes. There’s before, and then after.  And once a key moment occurs, there’s no going back to before.  You make a choice, and it’s like ringing a bell.  You can’t unring it.  A key moment is a feeling.  Your heart tells you.  The point is, you have to pay attention.”

It’s funny how things come to you. You hear something or you read something and the words resonate inside you and you know your own truth in that moment.  You might not have been looking for an answer.  You might not have even known that, somewhere inside, you were questioning.  And there the answer is.

That used to happen to me when I’d be sitting at the piano at church, waiting for the cue for the next hymn or for the senior choir to sing and I’d listen to the sermon. It always struck me how something the minister would say would move something in me – something I didn’t even know was there.

Recently, I had lunch with my sister and our very good friend. I was celebrating the third anniversary of my release from the Rehab Ward at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.  The end of three months of pain and hard work and being very afraid, and then coming home in a wheelchair and with a walker.  And then, that night, I read the passage above.  And I started to cry.

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