Engaging and Awakening Other’s~ with Holly Irons and Jaime Lowe, October 19th/16 – October 23rd/16 in Beautiful, Rural Salt Springs, NS


Welcome, I am delighted you have found yourself here. I am Holly Irons, a WEL-Systems® CODE Model™ Coach and Affiliate and I am offering a five-day intensive program that is offered to those that have previously engaged in the five-day intensive “Decloaking and Living Authentically”. Decloaking was about the first chakra awakening, owning safety within the body, whereas Engaging and Awakening Other’s is about the deep dive into second chakra, early family systems.
Joining me as a co-faciliatator is a fellow CODE Model Coach with the WEL-Systems Institute, Jaime Lowe. We both could not be more lit up about this conversation.

In the words of Holly……

This program is a 5 day conversation where the commitment to BEING  Internally  Referenced is crucial for processing information in the body. It is my Intention and my commitment that makes so much unfold in these five days for me. This is about my evolution and yours. We build on safety in ourSELVES, for the deep dive to unlock what holds us back from Becoming and Knowing so much more about ourSELVES. The deep dive is for the expansion of spirit in the body.

It is about processing unnecessary data held in the body from the past..old beliefs, values and attitudes. I AM looking for Space, Movement and Flow. Allowing the present moment to BE all there is, collapses walls between the past and present. Then I get to choose my future differently . I also experience more of who I AM. The focus is on subtle and large movements in the body not the story. This focus is not always easy, but to know the difference is very important. This is about quantum processing for Triggering Life Choices.

It takes courage and stamina to BE Internally referenced….to BE the I AM. The conditioned self is made up of my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. These love to dictate my choices. To choose from mySELF takes knowing who I AM.

In Jaime’s words……

I am profoundly inspired and ignited in this five-day exploration of moving beyond habitual ways and discovering how the conditioning of my family systems has determined my beliefs, values and attitudes. Our ancestors have past down their DNA to us and Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his research, has proven that the structure of our DNA is actually driven by beliefs systems. We have the power to change our lives and those that come after us in our lineage. As we allow our bodies to process all the energy and information through engaging Quantum TLC®, that this potent conversation will invite and allow to surface, we literally transform the topography of our DNA, of our nervous systems. If not me, than who? We have the power to stop the mindlessness that happens because of how we were taught we ‘should’ live. Nothing has had more of a transformational effect on me then having these in-depth conversations about how we became the way we are and how we always have the option or the choice to choose again in each breath.

We always have choice. We have come here as Spiritual Beings having a human experience and Accelerated Evolution is the name of the Game.


For inquiries or to register please contact Holly by E-mail at hollykayak@gmail.com                      or Jaime at jaimeloweroach@gmail.com

Investment: $2560~ includes the Engaging CD’s.

If you are choosing to experience Engaging and Awakening Other’s for a second or third time  please ask us about our special pricing. Yes, it is that life-altering that many choose to experience it multiple times.

Location: Holly’s beautiful, rural home in Salts Springs, NS.

Limit of 6 participants. $560 Deposit is required to hold your spot, and payment arrangements are to be worked out at the time of registration.



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