The Power of our Birth Language

Episode 34 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/10/28 ~ The Power of our Birth Language

Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss

Everything creates a vibration, especially language. Language is a strong vibration, the words we speak move through our bodies creating cues we don’t know we don’t know. Have you ever considered how much of our Selves is wrapped up in our birth language? Or, considered the impact our birth language has on where we are willing to go inside of our Selves?  Many of us take our birth language for granted; some of us even learn and become adept at speaking more than one.

For most of us who are adept at more than one language, we move through our lives seamlessly moving from one to another never realizing the impact the simple act of switching languages plays in our daily lives.

In this show, we will explore how the vibration of our birth language shapes who we are even before we enter into this reality.

In conversation with: Beata Hart and Guylda Lavoie – both participants in the first two WEL-Systems® intensives.

Beata has embraced this journey to discover what she doesn’t know she doesn’t know about her self. Adept in multiple languages, Beata discovered that to really know herself, she had to go back to where it all began: in the language of her birth.

Despite her academic background and training, Guylda discovered that her knowledge came to life when her history – stored in her birth language – was freed. A Trainer and Coach, she now knows the power that a body-truth carries – and its potential to free the soul!

Listen to Episode 34

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