April Retreat with Louise: Chelsea, Quebec

Seedling of Consciousness: Becoming the Roots of a New Reality

In the spring, we become mindful of things to come. We watch as snow melts and temperatures rise, softening our world in preparation for Life to reclaim its full expression in colour, shape, texture and sound. The smell of new Life fills the senses and we know, without hesitation or uncertainty, that we are a significant and integral part of this re-awakening world!

As we step into yet another year, we plan a moment to pause… and reflect…. not only on who we have already been and what we have already created; but to imagine who we might reveal ourSelf to be, in a world of our own creation. Join me – in the good company of a small group of curious, courageous and compelling women – in rediscovering, redefining and redesigning who you are, what you stand for and how you will choose to reveal yourSelf, in your world, through the coming year.

These explorations are ‘Free-Fall’ conversations: without agenda, without limits and without constraints. With  the simplicity of a clear intention to guide us, we go where the unique and collective Self takes us; likely, beyond our perceived limitations, to a place where courage and authenticity reveal us to be greater than our fear. From there, all things are possible.

It’s not always easy to be ’the first’ in your family or community; to be The One to break new ground in a way that causes you to stand out from those around you. And yet, we already know that the status quo can no longer sustain a future for our children and those who will follow them. Someone has to go first – and you know, it’s you.

The dictionary defines ‘seedling’ as a young plant – especially one raised from a seed and not from a cutting of an existing plant. Ponder, for a moment, the power of the seed of a new thought; of an awakened and ever-awakening consciousness, intent on its full expression.   As that living ‘seedling’, allow history to fall away; and to have any and every given moment become the platform for a new tomorrow. Consider also, the likely fragility and vulnerability that goes along with being that seedling. Context is imperative in ensuring its survival, its viability and the full expression of its potential. As much as we each must be able to stand alone, we also need to recognize that as we stand together, viability is significantly enhanced.

Date:    April 20, 21 and 22, 2016
Location: Chelsea, Quebec (The Haven)
Cost :  $995/GST

Small group (max 10)
BSI available, on request. Contact Sheila@SheilaWinterWallace.com for details.

Wednesday, April 20th – 10:00 a.m to 6:00 pm
Thursday, April 21st – 10:00 a.m to 6:00 pm
Friday, April 22nd – 10:00 am. to 1:00 pm

Accommodation available at the Ramada Plaza hotel.

To Register:   Contact Louise@WEL-Systems.com

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One thought on “April Retreat with Louise: Chelsea, Quebec

  1. Louise LeBrun Post author

    From Sheila Winter Wallace:

    Hi Louise,

    I am really looking forward to what I know will be a spectacular experience; each one of your retreats propels me forward into an even greater awareness of whom and what I AM, as the Quantum Biological Human™ that I AM.

    I am definitely looking forward, too, to co-creating deeply meaningful BSI [BodySpirit integration] experiences with any woman who is choosing to participate in the retreat. Engaging in BSI is my passion.

    And, for those, who are choosing to join us from beyond the Ottawa/Gatineau region, I am happy to recommend this near-by accommodation: http://www.ramada.com/Gatineau.

    See you soon!


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