The ‘F’ Words in My Life

E:me again.pdfThe ideas which become part of us as we grow up have a profound impact on our lives throughout our lives, often without our conscious awareness.  I’m choosing to share my realization regarding these and my understanding of how they have shaped my choices and my life.

Consider for yourSelf, the impact your underlying beliefs have on your sense of who you are. …



“She used the ‘f’ word!” We know what that means.  And either the speaker’s frustrated or angry or unaware of social niceties or maybe both.  Depending upon how well we know the speaker and what the context is, so goes our analysis of the speaker’s state of being.

And, sure, that word does exist in my personal arsenal of pissed off words. There are times when that is the only word which sums up how I feel about what’s going on.  It’s straight forward and to the point. And depending upon how I say it, I can express so many emotions.  I once had a student who used the word for almost every part of speech.  When I think about it, the ‘f’ word is almost acceptable language now.  It seems that no one takes much umbrage on hearing it anymore.

Not too long ago, and thanks to a powerful BSI © session I had with Sheila Winter Wallace, I realized that there are other ‘F’ words in my life – words whose impact on me and my sense of mySelf and my beliefs about who I AM and what my world holds as vital have been insidious to the point of being devastating.

So what are these infamous ‘F’ words? ‘Frivolous’, ‘Freeloader’, ‘Fraud’, ‘Failure’.  Even as I write them, I feel somewhere in my body like I’ve been bitch slapped.

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One thought on “The ‘F’ Words in My Life

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Hi Genie,

    I am left moved, awake and seeking to touch within myself the depth of clarity and courage that are evident in every word you write. I would not change a thing for fear of breaking the spell you weave.

    Your closing statement: one of your most powerful and profound.

    Indeed, you are here and, as your reader, I see and hear you. But more, I am left willing to explore being seen and heard.

    Does it get any better than this?

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