The Men in our Lives

Episode 33 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/10/21 ~ The Men in our Lives

In today’s world, many women are coming to realize that they have a lot to gain by choosing to engage in their own evolution. Long held in check by cultural conditioning passed down from one generation to the next, women in much greater numbers are choosing to think for themselves and redesign their lives.

As mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, our lives are profoundly touched by the men we love and care about. What about them? How eager and willing are they to reconsider themselves, their world and their way of engaging with us? Join Louise as she explores with one man what it took for him to be willing to dive into the deep end of the pool; and how doing so has changed his life.

In conversation with: Ray Landry – Certified CODE Model Coach™ – is a long-time professional in the field of Addiction Recovery. He’s also a father and loving partner, mindful that his life is his own creation; and that what he creates touches the lives of the people he loves. Contributing author to Guardians of the Vision: Parenting for the Birthright of Potential Ray is open, honest, clear and direct – about himself, his world and how he’s choosing to move through it. To find out more about Ray, click here.

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One thought on “The Men in our Lives

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Nine months later, this conversation is as compelling and relevant as it was when first recorded. I’m grateful that it continues to be shared amongst those who are seeking… offering food for thought, that new perspectives might be considered and experienced.

    I am encouraged by the fact that this conversation continues to live large! I know that new thoughts, when shared with others, create new realities. And we are indeed, in great need of new realities.

    My ongoing appreciation for Ray will hopefully, lead to yet another layer of this most important of explorations.

    Warmest wishes to all,

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