The Wonderful World of Pet Peeves

For the times you might find yourself grousing about the human race and the fact that people are messy.  For the times when little things begin to add up.  Read this and perhaps you’ll feel a bit lighter at heart…





There are times when kvetching just feels good.   Little annoyances seem to add up and eventually I find myself having conversations with the air about the things that rankle. That happened last Saturday when I found myself on a busy street and behind drivers who did not start to move when the light changed. I don’t know what caused their delay and traffic was stopped until they got their act in gear, so to speak.

That got me thinking about pet peeves of mine which usually don’t register consciously until they seem to occur with enough frequency that I reach a point where the voice deep inside me finally says, “Enough, already!”

So here are my pet peeves in no particular order and sort of grouped together.

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