About Art and Creativity

Have you ever heard or said:

“I don’t know about art but I know what I like.”

“I can’t sing.  I’m tone deaf.”

“I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.”

Consider that art is not about performance AND it is about creation…


Do you know yourself to be artistic and creative? I know that I am very creative with words. They were my stock in trade as an educator. And several years ago when something quite intense was happening in my life and I felt the need to write about it, I just knew that poetry was the only form which would serve my needs. I had not considered myself a poet before then. How poets wrote, I thought, required special training or skill or inclination. To me, it was a mystery and I was not an initiate into that mystery. Since writing that first poem, I know that I am a poet. I choose to use that form when it is the form to express what is moving in me.

I have a good sense of colour and line. I enjoyed art especially in grades 7 and 8 where my teacher encouraged us to try things and experiment. Yet, after enduring the critiques of my grade 9 art teacher, I came to believe that I could not draw or paint or do anything in the visual arts that was worthy of being called ‘art’. I looked at my creations and compared them to others’ and found them wanting.

It took courage for me to take part in a water colour weekend retreat a few years ago. I remember looking at the first piece I completed and listening to the instructor’s comments and knowing that my grade 9 art teacher was wrong. I could create and express myself in the visual arts. That first experience has lead to my choosing to explore other forms of visual art: creating abstract paintings, pottery, weaving, creating original hooked rugs, designing gymnastics suits. Some forms suit me more than others and that feels just right.

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