Unschooling : podcast with Naomi Irons & Angela Arbuckle

Another compelling conversation, sourced through Deb Ozarko and her life-enhancing podcast, Unplug!

Naomi Irons and Angela Arbuckle bring the truth of their own experience, to be shared into yours.  Beyond philosophy and diving deeply into the practicality, Angela and Naomi are living expressions of the power that comes from being wiling to see what you see; hear what you hear; and know what you know… and act, accordingly.  From this, their children are offering a far more life-giving Space within and from which to discover their own potential.  And – bonus! – along the way, we come to see the great teachers that our children already are.

Not to be missed!  Whether parent or teacher; student or the shaper of their lives… this raw, unbound and deeply authentic exploration can not do anything other than bring great hope!  Given that our children ARE the future, we would do well to ensure their evolution rather than their containment.

Find this powerful conversation with Deb, Naomi and  Angela here.

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