Boundaries… and Beyond! ~ New podcast with Louise

In the midst of many and significant changes in my life, I had the great opportunity to be in an open, expansive and compelling conversation with ‘open heart specialist’ Deb Ozarko on her ‘Unplug!’ podcast.   My conversations with Deb always lead me into new thoughts and through fields of potential, to that point untapped.

In Episode 75 (Boundaries… and Beyond), we talked about boundaries and so many other things that are the underpinnings of their expression.  I know that I, for one, was more awake, aware and willing to engage differently when our time together was complete.

To Deb:  As always, thanks for the opportunity to just wander around and see what discoveries await!  This will indeed, stand as one of my personal favourites.  As in all great journeys, where we start is never where we finish.  In the midst of my own great shifts, I will revisit this one more than once.


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