Engaging 5-day: “How do I live?”

“Ten seconds of authentic presence can undo decades of cultural conditioning.
That’s what makes it so dangerous to the status quo.”

As I anticipate my last 5-day ‘Engaging and Awakening Others’ experience in August, I have been listening to the multi-CD set that accompanies the experience. In doing so, I hear the focus on the importance of living in the ’now’.. in the moment that presents.. .and not in the great effort to reshape that moment according to how/what we think it should be.

The power of my own evolution lives in the moment that is presenting – right here, right now. That is the one that counts.

Here is a brief excerpt from the ‘Engaging’ CD’s. I share it with you that you might pause… and ask yourself: “How do I live?”

FYI, you’ll hear a reference to the Declaration of Evolution by Intention. To find it on our website, visit What is WEL-Systems; scroll down and you’ll find it on the right hand side.

In August, I’ll be in the 5-day ‘Engaging and Awakening Others’ one last time. If you’ve completed the first 5-day experience of ‘Decloaking and Living Authentically’ and want to join me, visit the online Store and register. This small-group process will leave no stone, unturned….

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3 thoughts on “Engaging 5-day: “How do I live?”

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Me, too, Sheila! I’ve learned over the years that no two are ever the same. I’m looking forward to bringing my own expanded perspective to this event; and I know that this will bring the closure that will allow a new gateway to open. All good!

    Will look forward to seeing you there!

  2. Jean Winter

    I’m looking forward to being there. My birthday present to me! And I know that this is the experience I need for me right now as I continue to move forward as leader and creator in the life I’m choosing to live.

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