Infertility: Metaphors and Messages for Creation?

Episode 32 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/10/14 ~ Infertility: Metaphors and Messages for Creation?

During Episode 30 on Fertility and Infertility: A Question of Wholeness, you heard Lisa Weiss in conversation with Naomi Irons-Hill as they explored both sides of the topic Fertility and Infertility. Today, our conversation dives into the deep end of the pool of as we explore infertility both as a metaphor for and a message from a culture in massive transition. What can it all mean? How can we seek to find intelligence in what we have been taught to believe is a senseless and painful struggle? What might our lives become if we seek to see through different eyes? Join Louise and Lisa as they engage in a non-allopathic journey of discovery to reclaim the genius that awaits!

In conversation with: Lisa Jordan Weiss – WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate and certified CODE Model Coach™ – is a frequent guest as well as Guest Host on Reclaiming Your Self. Competent, resourceful and wise, Lisa faced her greatest challenge when she discovered that despite her readiness to have children, her body would not comply. After two rounds of fertility treatments, Lisa discovered that there was much more going on in her evolution; and her body was her gateway to a greater discovery of her Self. To find out more about Lisa, visit I of the Storm Coaching.

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Louise and Lisa continue their conversation after the show ended. You’re invited to be part of that exploration with them. Listen to the Additional Material for Episode 32


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2 thoughts on “Infertility: Metaphors and Messages for Creation?

  1. Louise LeBrun

    My thanks to Lisa for being willing to take this conversation just that much further. I know that she and Naomi did a great job in exploring the chunks around choosing – and there is always more! Today, I felt myself in the presence of a woman who has been there, found herself and discovered a more meaningful path.

    In my world, successful closure for those seeking resolution for infertility may not necessarily be conception and birth; but discovering an internal peace that allows them to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

    Thanks, Lisa… as always, you leave me thinking!


  2. sarah

    Hi Lisa,

    This show really resonated with me. I am at a point in my life where I am considering if I want to give birth (from my body). The choice as oppose to coming from the intellect. Your words have resonated deeply. love hearing your voice on the shows xo

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