Breaking Up as an Invitation

Lisa J. WeissThe journey NEVER ends… as a FORCE, AWAKE to the reality I am creating breath by breath, I know that everything I see outside of me is a reflection of what is moving inside of me. I am constantly taking myself into the spaces and places I hid from for so long.

My partner and I are in the midst of a break-up. I say in the midst because I know this creation is an invitation for me to discover a belief that has been one of the foundations of who I knew myself to be. It has been cloaked as resistance and running silently within the depths of me. I am choosing to trust that I am  willing, able and have the capacity to engage this full on…why? Because I created it!

If your curious check out my blog Break up to create a new space

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Up as an Invitation

  1. Wynne Macaskill Delaney

    I look at this profile of you, Lisa…so open, inviting what is possible into your life; the trust I also see in your profile – trusting yourSelf, confident in knowing your own truth of discovery of what it is you are resisting, silent and deep.
    Thank you for sharing your raw vulnerability.
    Creating new spaces for you to emerge more fully…like the blossoms of the magnolia tree opening into their new beauty…

  2. Lisa J. Weiss Post author

    Thanks Wynne, as we know the journey never ends. This new invitation I have given myself is the gateway for another massive leap in redefining who I know myself to be. I love the visual of the blossoms of the magnolia tree! Hugs

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