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I spent my weekend in conversation with a small group of ‘Cultural Crones’ – women 50+ who are choosing to explore and (potentially) redefine not only what they design their lives to be; but how they engage that process of designing.   


Call to the Cultural Crones: Redefining Creation recognized that the future need not be limited by the past. This exploration trusted that we are each, Masterful in our own intentions; and are both willing and able to engage, meaningfully.  Who knows what possibilities will be revealed?


Many and varied were the explorations, each of us leading ourselves to stand in a different place and see through very different eyes.  Beyond the chaos and the turmoil which is inevitable when we become willing to dive into the waters that lie outside the familiar, we had moments of feeling buffeted by our own curiosity.  Like new waters, we discovered eddies and currents that we had not yet experienced.  And yet, despite it all, we become ‘more’ of who we are capable of becoming.

As part of the exploration, I invited those present to consider these three questions for themselves.  I encourage you to pause… take a breath… close your eyes and ponder them for yourself.

*  “Am I mindful of my impact?”

      *  “Am I intentional in my impact?”

    *  “Am I directional with my impact?”

 You don’t have to be a Cultural Crone to ponder your impact as evidence of The Force that you are… and for those of us who are, we have sometimes left such an exploration for far too long!

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One thought on “Exploring : Impact

  1. Sheila Winter Wallace

    Hi Louise,

    Yes, your 3 questions were/are significant to me, as I honour where I stand now, moving forward. My life, right now, feels in even greater flow (and I have felt it in flow for some months, now) following this weekend’s conversations. Your 3 questions and the words, ‘Remarkable’ and ‘Force’ continue to leave their mark, their imprint, on the greater potential which my life invites.

    Also of great impact for me was my personal realization of how my own mother only really started to let herself ‘bloom’ in her own garden of choice, once she was ‘free’ of what I have perceived as her own self- limitations – programs and mechanisms used – to manage her state within the long-time relationship she co-created with my father. She was always far more loyal to him and to others, it seems to me, now in reflection, than she ever was to herself. It seems to me that she could only give herself permission to consider her life differently, once he was deceased.

    After my father died, I observed my mother moving and making plans for herself…. and I thought how awesome it was that she was choosing to live, differently, than she did prior to my father’s death… no longer captive to the erroneous belief (for me, anyway) that marriage, partnership, relationship – of any type and in any form – demanded compromise as a key ingredient. What I did not grok, until this weekend’s conversations, was the force of energy, the mana it had taken for her to sustain her life as it had always been. Personally, it is not something that I can now applaud.

    It seems that saints are lauded as most remarkable forces; yet, really, awakened and alive, would any one of us choose to die to know ourselves as saint? I believe that it was my mother’s sustained ‘state management’ – her perpetual containment of personal force, self-stifled – that diseased her body and saw her leave the planet at the chronological age I am now.

    Through these myriad WEL-Systems®-based conversations and the CODE Model™, I am graced to know something uniquely different in/for myself. It takes courage to ‘hold the fort’ – the status quo – as one has always known it. It takes courage to ignite leaps into new ways of being. And, as you expressed it on the weekend, It IS the same pound of courage. What is invited, then, IS a mindful intention, redirected… a redefinition of creation. And it happens only through awakening and sustaining one’s right to choose… Self, first.

    I am not 69 years old; indeed, I AM 65 years wise. Breathing IS good.

    Thank you,

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