Co-Parenting After Divorce

Episode 31 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/10/07 ~ Co-Parenting After Divorce

We may no longer want to share our lives together and we continue to share children, together. How do we find a place to stand that lets us create new lives – apart; and still honor and respect the children we share?

Far too often, children become the lost terrain of our own grief, rage and fear. They become the unwilling pawns in a no-win game of seeking to punish or denigrate the other parent through the unspoken but nonetheless evident unfinished business in the lives of those who shape theirs.

Join Louise with her guest Claire Harris as they explore alternatives to co-parenting that make it possible for the love for our children to guide us to becoming ‘more’ than we might have discovered, on our own.

In conversation with: Claire Harris – Certified CODE Model Coach™ – is a busy woman with a busy life! After a difficult and challenging divorce, Claire knew that she would have to find a new place to stand – as a soon-to-be divorced woman, as a mother and as her own best friend – as she found herself facing the significant challenges that come with co-parenting two growing young boys in a small-town experience.

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One thought on “Co-Parenting After Divorce

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Thank you, Claire, for being your amazing Self! The journey from the rage and resentment that pain can create is sometimes a long and difficult one… and need not be so. In our conversation, it is clear to me that what made the difference for you is your unwavering commitment to discovering a more powerful and meaningful way for you to live and BE yourSelf. From that, all else has flowed – and beautifully, I might add. You’re living proof that as Moms and Dads, when we become willing to come face-to-face with the truth of what lies inside, we can manifest a world ‘outside’ that brings us joy! Thanks for being willing to share your life with us all.


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