BSI: Engaging Body, Energy and Self for a Life of Wellbeing

Episode 29 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/09/23 ~ BSI: Engaging Body, Energy and Self for a Life of Wellbeing

The language of energy and spirit can now often be heard, surfacing easily in the conversations of many as they consider their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. And yet, despite our willingness to entertain these potentials, just how much more willing and able are we, to transform our lives in meaningfully sustainable ways?

Join Louise and her guest Sheila Winter Wallace as they explore BSI – Body/Spirit Integration – as a new and potent way of connecting body, mind and spirit in ways that produce significant and evident shifts in our ability and willingness to create physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In conversation with: Sheila Winter Wallace – WSI Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach™ – knows bodies. With a background in nursing, hers included the Sacred Task of engaging with and attending to the bodies of those whose journeys had begun, elsewhere. With training and practice in a plethora of methodologies, Sheila’s greatest discoveries – about herself and others – came when she discovered a higher-order context within which to engage it all! You can also hear Sheila on the CD, Thoughts On… Standing Your Ground. To find out more about Sheila, visit Sheila’s web site

Listen to Episode 29

[audio:|titles=BSI: Engaging Body, Energy and Self for a Life of Wellbeing|artists=Louise LeBrun|width=350]

If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast Reclaiming Your Self with Louise LeBrun using iTunes,

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