Parenting for the Birthright of Potential

Episode 28 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/09/16 ~ Parenting for the Birthright of Potential

One of the most protected ‘sacred cows’ in any culture is that of parenting. When we think of parenting, we are more likely to think about the children than we are to consider the adults who shape their lives. And yet, parenting is the fundamental process that makes it possible for one person to mold and shape the future of another and ultimately, a culture. Are we up for it? Do we really know what we’re doing? And to what degree are we simply repeating what we know… even when what we know has not brought us what we desire?

Join Louise with her guests Anita Allen, Ray Landry and Lucy Hensel for whom the parenting conversation has taken a significant turn! Beyond the notions of ‘command-and-control’; and shifting attention from the children to the adults who shape their lives, this conversation about parenting will challenge the notions of ‘ownership’ and ‘blood lines’; as well as acknowledge that being able to conceive and give birth does not make us a parent.

In conversation with: Anita Allen, mother of three young sons and co-creator of Guardians of the Vision: Parenting for the Birthright of Potential; and two of the contributing authors to this book: Ray Landry, substance abuse counselor and mental health professional; and Lucy Hensel, Grandmother and philanthropist. All three guests are Certified CODE Model Coaches™.

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