Parenting: Louise’s Article in OmPlace/AltWire

Louise LeBrun


“How do we determine, or define, what constitutes ‘good’ parenting or ‘bad’ parenting? What is the context that we have created within which we make decisions about the way that we engage with our developing children? And more importantly, how many of us are parenting from a context that has been shaped outside our awareness and yet continues to drive the way that we engage in this process – mindlessly, repetitively – running not from intelligence and choice but from habit and history? “

 Louise LeBrun

Louise LeBrun’s article  is appearing in today’s edition of  OmPlace/AltWire – Conscious Living and Best Bets From the  Alternative Web.

Take a moment from your busy day to revisit what is most meaningful for you, in your life. As Louise shares her insights about her life with you, consider that the transformation you seek lies waiting… inside, where you live… to be freed, into how you’re living today!

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