Divorce: Re-Awakening to Our Potential

Episode 27 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/09/09 ~ Divorce: Re-Awakening to Our Potential

As much as it’s not likely ever easy, it doesn’t always have to be hard! Imagine a moment that allows you to pause… and reconsider… how else you might choose to engage the notion of ‘divorce’ – in your life or in the life of someone you care about. Imagine the moment of recognition that brings with it the power of knowing that you’ve created it all and, as such, you can rise to recreate, again!

‘Divorce’ need not define us… and it can be the wake-up call that re-awakens us to the pivotal moment of asking: How else do I choose to live MY life, today! Join Louise and her guest Stephanie Nelson as they look through different eyes at the pain and struggle of divorce, to find the joy, discovery and potential that can flow into and through our lives from this intense invitation to live a meaningful and authentic life.

In conversation with: Stephanie Nelson – recently divorced and parenting her 16 year old daughter – married with the intention of staying married. When it turned out otherwise, her journey into her own evolution deepened and accelerated. Stephanie’s life journey has taken her from the extremes of a background in allopathic health care to traditional native healing practices, and many stops in-between. Her most recent exploration has found her at the WEL-Systems® Institute; and now on a path to certification as a CODE Model Coach™. Her ability to be open, clear, honest and direct is lifting the veil on how she sees herself, her world and her ability to move effectively through that world. You can reach Stephanie at snelson.engagingwellness@gmail.com

Divorce: Re-Awakening to Our Potential

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4 thoughts on “Divorce: Re-Awakening to Our Potential

  1. Louise LeBrun

    This was such a great conversation! Personally? I believe that in order to make sense of the divorce experience, we have to revisit the marriage that was its underpinning. It is indeed, a dance – and one that often can (and need not!) leaves us exhausted, resentful and bitter. Not a great way to carve out a meaningful future….

    In Stephanie’s willingness to be open, clear, honest and direct, the invitation spoke loud and clear to us all to reconsider how else we might choose to define our experience of divorce; and focus on creation of what can be rather than the destruction of what was – or its illusion.

    This is one conversation that will vibrate to the core of many women. Pass it around – someone in your life is waiting to hear this!

    Thanks, Steph… with much appreciation for the RIG that is your way of living.

  2. Ed Hanrahan

    So true that part about not being myself in marriage. I was so miserable to live with, not because of my partner but because I knew I was selling out on myself, my true self. Today no longer have any desire to conform to someone else’s idea of what it means to be in union. Thanks Stephanie and Louise

  3. Lisa J. Weiss

    Hi Ed! How wonderful to see you here! I agree as we engage in this journey of reclamation of self the notion of following someone else’s notion disappears, as we become more internally referenced; trusting the ‘knowing’ that we carry! We are in unchartered territory in co-creating differently with each other as internally referenced quantum biological beings!

    With GREAT RIG,

  4. Stephanie Nelson

    Thanks Ed for being willing to reveal yourself in this dialogue. I think its vital to consider men experience many of the same things that women do when they consider themselves ‘in relationship’. Some aspects may be a very familiar dance that women recognize they do with themselves, and others may be unique expressions that arise from the cultural conditioning of men. For me its another level of “expectations” being revealed in the dance of 2-3 in Signals Dancing, insidiously infiltrating the fabric of our Nested Living Systems, and covertly influencing every breath we take as Androgynous Baby.
    Thats pretty potent reality, or perhaps illusion of reality we as a species have created for ourselves. Relationship, union… without the filters of our past hold a very different vibration for us to explore. They create freedom and space for the expression of the individuals, who can they co-create in the moment, not based on scripts…
    I know at some point I would love to facilitate a conversation of awakened, internally referenced godforces (both genders) to participate in the relationship conversation together. I know the content would go a long way to dispelling many myths we hold about ourselves and our partners.

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