Midwifery for the Birthing Soul – Part 1

Episode 25 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/08/26 ~ Midwifery for the Birthing Soul – Part 1

Part 1:
You’ve heard us talk about CODE Model Coaching™ ; and you’ve had the opportunity to hear several CODE Model Coaches as guests on this show. Now, join Louise in an intimate and candid exploration of CODE Model Coaching and discover what makes it different; why it’s so effective; and how your life can be profoundly changed by your experience of it.

This 2-part series identifies the distinctions that determine what CODE Model Coaching is and what it isn’t; explores its unique aspects; and offers a context within which to consider “Is this for me?”, either as a client or as a practicing coach; and leads the way through those moments of tough choices and how profoundly those shape our lives.

In conversation with: Lisa Jordan Weiss, Naomi Irons, Sheila Winter Wallace and Amy McNaughton – WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliates and Certified CODE Model Coaches – are independent business women with unique interests and evident gifts. Each of these talented and courageous women knows that the gateway to accelerating their own evolution is to live out loud, with others, as they choose to transform their lives. To find out more about these affiliates, see the WSI Affiliates web page

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