Introduction to 21st Century Huna

SWW_175_lowres_2_2Aloha to all.

I am hosting an Introduction to 21st Century Huna at  BodyGateways Centre for Women in the Healing Arts, this upcoming Sunday, June 22, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 5: 30 PM – in Chelsea, Quebec… just a short 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. I look forward to engaging with you in consideration of this ancient Hawaiian way of BEING that, for me, is a continual opening for the expansion of a life of ease, simplicity and joy. In a WEL-Systems® context, Huna (meaning Ho’o Mana, to make energy) continues to become an infinite, quantum and unending call into my own potential… the ancient space that I AM that awakens the sacred.

Invite and allow your body to attune to your own unique HOME coming in and through experiencing the vibration of the ancient Hawaiian oli’s (sacred chants), the unique vibration of Huna symbology on the wind of the breath, the guided process of Ho’o Pono Pono (to make ‘right’ right) – and more – to evoke and integrate the ALL that you are, can become, and have yet to reclaim. The gift of Huna is its essential call to reveal, clarify and make sense of our worlds, inviting a shift in perspective and reality, through awakening choice.

As Louise LeBrun  has spoken to in her post, Huna, Hawaii and Hunger for Self , this statement of her’s rings so true for me: ‘Clearly, today, my longing for Hawaii will not allow me to simply look away from what I know are its compelling reminders for my on awakening.   Perhaps The Call is one for you, too.’ Be sure to listen to the recording (Part 2 of 21st Century Huna) in this post. Listen to Parts 1 and 2, here.

To find out more about this upcoming Huna experience, please read here.

To register, please contact Sheila at or 613-292-4562.

I look forward to a day of awakening within the safe, simple and natural retreat that is BodyGateways in Chelsea. Mahalo.

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