Living a Paradigm Shift

Episode 23 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/08/12 ~ Living a Paradigm Shift

It’s one thing to talk about it – and it’s another thing to live it! Paradigm shifts are the ‘stuff’ of philosophy and esoteric intentions. And yet, we spend our days living out of a paradigm for our existence that was handed to us, long ago, and that we have rarely questioned. What happens to the quality of our lives when we begin to challenge the status quo? How do we find our way through the maze of inherited practices and inherent, individual truths? Join Louise in conversation with two women who are discovering how to redefine themselves… and redesign how they live. It does not have to be hard – or take a long time! – for us to be able to be both willing and able to begin to BE different, that we might behave differently and have a different life. After all, it’s all about the choices we make – and these two women are choosing to choose, differently!

In conversation with: Audrey Buchanan and Melissa Owoc

Audrey Buchanan is a Literacy Coach living on Prince Edward Island – and is very new to a WEL-Systems® approach to change! Having recently experienced her first 5-day intensive – Decloaking and Living Authentically – she is discovering how to live meaningfully with a foot in two worlds : the one of her past and the one that awaits her creation.

Melissa Owoc is a Senior Project Manager and consultant who recently completed her second WEL-Systems® intensive – Engaging and Awakening Others – and is slowly but surely changing her world… and her life!

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2 thoughts on “Living a Paradigm Shift

  1. Leona

    I agree with your son Audrey “you go girl!”
    It was so exciting to hear in this conversation your growing confidence in recognizing the awesome woman you are. Thank you for the kind words about our times together! It is so freeing to know it is not about the doing but the being that will allow us to be the invitation to others. Looking forward to the continuing journey.

    I look forward to further conversation with you too Louise.

  2. Louise LeBrun

    Hi Leona,
    As I pondered Audrey’s arrival in my life, it occurred to me that it has come from so many letting go.

    You had to let go of any uncertainty or fear of judgement in order to reveal the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge to your Leadership group.

    Audrey had to let go of any apprehension in approaching you for more.

    You had to let go of Audrey that she might discover more of herself with Naomi and Lisa.

    And Lisa and Naomi had to let go of Audrey that I might have the great joy – and adventure! – of coming to know her, too.

    Not to mention, all that Audrey had to let go of in order to connect and engage in ways so unfamiliar to her… and amazing for her!

    Letting go. Strange, isn’t it, that rapid growth and evolution does not come from holding on to anything, but letting go.

    I am in such great company!

    Looking forward to seeing you in the fall.

    Aloha and a hug,

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