PTSD: Getting Your Life Back!

Episode 21 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/07/29 ~ PTSD: Getting Your Life Back!

Angela was just three blocks from Ground Zero when 9/11 changed her life. In June of 2002, she was diagnosed with PTSD and has spent almost 8 years denying the truth of this experience, living with anxiety, sleepless nights, great fear for her own safety and the safety of her children. Recently, during her second WEL-Systems® experience, Angela claimed the trauma of her 911 experience; allowed her body to process the information from this experience; and freed herself from many of the barriers/strategies she created to protect herself from the truth.

Join Louise as Angela shares the story of her journey through PTSD, retracing what worked and what didn’t; and what finally allowed her to free herself from the perpetual internal nightmare of her past. Angela’s hope is that through her story, others will find what is required to move beyond the fears associated with PTSD and take back their lives!

In conversation with: Angela Burton – is an information technology professional, who has worked as a project manager and operations manager in private and public sector organizations for over 15 years. In December of 2009 Angela stepped into her first WEL-Systems® experience, Decloaking and Living Authentically where she awoke to herself, her passion for self-evolution and her discovery of a new and wonderful way to move through her world.

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3 thoughts on “PTSD: Getting Your Life Back!

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Hi all! Am happy to say that today was the very first time we experienced any technological challenges (Episode 21) – and sad to say that it happened during what I experienced as a very moving and compelling exchange with Angela. Truly, the entire conversation was a huge invitation for others who are trapped in their histories, to find a new way to engage.

    What you missed was the opportunity to hear Angela share how amazed she is at her own life; and her deep gratitude for her WEL-Systems journeys that have made it possible for her to reclaim herself. It was a potent moment for me… one that reminded me of why I have done this all my life; and the degree to which I know we are designed to live joyous and meaningful lives!

    I’m sorry you did not get to hear the vibration in Angela’s voice – the sound of her recognition of herself, as the Being of Light that she is. I, for one, will remember that for a very long time.

    Warmest wishes to all,

  2. Angela Burton

    Hi All,
    This conversation with Louise on my experience with PTSD and how my wel-systems experiences have changed my life was incredibly moving for me. It presented me with yet another opportunity to process more of the information locked in my body, opening up more space for more of mySelf to unfold.
    When Louise and I went off air, she asked me about how my intensity, which previously manifested itself as “anger” , “crankiness” and “anxiety” , presented itself in my life today. As my truth surfaced, I knew my new sense of passion for myself and my life, my deep sense of gratitude for all that I have created and my renewed sense of love (and respect) for all human kind is the manifestation of my own intensity.
    For a long time I avoided people and/ or situation that triggered that old information (emotions). I often talked about how this person or that person “drove me nuts” or irritated the hell out of me. Today I know “all that was about me”. Once I began to allow my body to lead and process what was moving in me, I began to see other s and my relationships with others differently. The people in my life have become portals to my own personal growth. By me claiming what moves (which may feel like irritation) when I engage with other, my life becomes about me and all mine. I’m the owner of my experiences and I can chose how I move through each moment of my day. I know longer dish out my power to others, I’m not a victim and know one “makes me feel” irritated. It is all my choice and it is all about me. Me focusing on mySelf and showing up in my life as an expression of my own truth, is an invitation for others to do the same. I have witnessed great change in those close to me since I started to live my truth.
    I hope you enjoyed the radio show. I hope my truth will continue to provide an invitation for others to seek within, discover their own truth and live free of their past horrors, free of self judgment…discovering a life worth living.
    With respect for all that is in this moment.

  3. Raina McDonald

    Thank you for sharing the truth of your experience. I was delighted to come across these final remarks after your radio show was cut off. As I listened and read I felt expansion within my own body and life. Yahooo!

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