RYS Episode 97 with Kae Roberts

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 97 ~ PTSD: History Takes a Hostage

Reclaiming Your Self

In today’s exploration, we consider PTSD and reconsider both how else and what else!  We seek to explore a shift in the capacity of ‘mind’ to reposition what PTSD might be; and how else we might approach this exploration, with the deep desire to make a difference in the lives of those held so tightly in the grip of a frozen moment… seeking desperately for it not to be so!   In this time together, in this exploration, perhaps we can find a new place to stand as we consider the effects from yesterday and the invitations for a different tomorrow.

Consider the possibility that your body is NOT your enemy!  As much as PTSD may ‘feel’ like your body is betraying you, consider the possibility that if the body recreates the experience of PTSD, the body may be the only gateway to move through and beyond PTSD.  What if the moment of PTSD is the effort to stand in a new place?  What must we discover to be able to trust, once again, that your body already knows what is required to transform your life!

In conversation with: 

Kae Roberts  – Registered CODE Model Coach™ – Founder and President of Awakening Wave Organizational Evolution™ (AWOE). Prior to forming her consulting and education company, Kae was a Sergeant with the Ottawa Police Service, retiring after twenty years of service.  She is a co-author of “Sekhmet Rising, The Restlessness of Women’s Genius” and also writes a quarterly column in the Canadian Security Magazine, where she speaks to concepts for creating a sustained, respectful and violence free workplace.

In her own words:  “The professional and personal aspects of our lives are indeed interwoven. The research is in and it is clear, if we are not content in one aspect of our life it will impact the other, that includes our personal and professional lives. It does not matter in which place the discontentment originates, because it all originates with our “Self” first. Discontentment breeds an asleep state because awake is too unbearable. Awake however is the only state in which we can fully and actively engage the choice point in our lives, moment to moment. Internal wellness equates to external wellness. I offer the space in which when you awaken to yourSelf you discover not only that you are what it will take to have the life you desire but that you are enough!

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Women and FearWomen and Fear: Choosing Beyond Limitation is your invitation to explore your perceptions of your own limitations.

We live at a time when density and intensity are ramping up in ways that defy our understanding of reality… leaving us to explore and discover ‘How else might I choose to live my life, today?”

Fear is palpable. Fear of climate change. Fear of conflict and war. Fear of violence – against women, against children, against men. Fear of scarcity and deprivation. And the list goes on

If we do not find another place to stand, we are destined to look around us, outside of us, and notice what others are choosing – and quite likely, choose the same or the opposite. But what if there is another way to choose?

This is your invitation to stop… take a breath… discover what’s true for you… and come together with other women of courage, humor and compassion to find out what really matters to you!

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There are lots of places you can go to be motivated, inspired and propelled into a better moment. And yet, how often do we have these moments, only to awaken the next day… next week… next month and discover that in truth, nothing has changed. We are still ourselves; and our lives reflect that simple yet undeniable fact.

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