Military Wives: A Different Conversation

Episode 19 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/07/15 ~ Military Wives: A Different Conversation

What happens to all those women and children when the men in their lives are gone for so long? What are the expectations, considerations and constraints that shape the day-to-day experiences of so many, as they create manageable lives in the face of challenging days, long nights and the need to remember how to be a couple while living as a Single Mom? Be part of this exploration with Louise and Amy as they speak frankly about what works and what doesn’t about being a partner/mate/spouse, mother, CEO on the home front.. and still come to terms with the loneliness, the fear and the deep dread of that knock at the door…

In conversation with: Amy McNaughton – CODE Model Coach™, RNC and founder of The Meadow – Learning Center for Women. Amy is committed to working with women from all walks of life. Offering WEL-Systems® based coaching and personal evolution experiences through her company, Growing Forward, her life revolves around finding ways to be true to herself while engaging meaningfully with others as they are true to themselves. To find out more about Amy, visit Amy’s web site

Listen to Episode 19

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