Redefining Cancer: The Invitation to Live!

Episode 18 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/07/08 ~ Redefining Cancer: The Invitation to Live!

You’ve got cancer.” Three of the most terrifying words in the English language.

When Sandy first heard those words, the blood rushing through her ears made it impossible for her to hear anything more that followed. Those words were the beginning of an exploration that has taken her through a WEL-Systems® journey – and a powerful new way to see herself, her world and her way of moving through it. Profoundly determined to live, her diagnosis has become her invitation to be open, clear, honest and direct with herself and with the people she cares about. Join Louise and Sandy in conversation as they explore the inner journey propelled by an outer discovery that has changed the course of her life.

In conversation with: Sandra Heron – A Certified CODE Model Coach™ (in completion) is a forty-six year old woman with two university degrees and over twenty years of management experience at Universities and Colleges. At forty-three she walked out the door and started her journey to live “fully alive.” She has learned that it takes the redefinition of how SHE experiences and engages her world, for her own unique life worth living. To find out more about Sandra, visit her website.

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