RYS Episode 96 with Naomi Irons

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 96 ~ Radical LeaderSelf!

Reclaiming Your Self

Today’s exploration launches us into the last in a series of topics of great meaning for and relevance to the lives of women!  In the new, one-day experience of ‘Radical EVEolution: Reclaiming LeaderSelf‘, we make our way to the sharp edge of possibility and reconsider how else we might choose to live our lives, today!  Designed to help you re-awaken to and reclaim that deeper inner truth that just won’t leave you alone, Radical EVE is a call to women to look at their lives through new eyes… and carve out a path to a new beginning.

In today’s exploration, we’re going to take a look at the notion of Radical LeaderSelf!  We live in a time of great and persistent global turmoil, that cries out for us to awaken to ourselves; to shake off the coma of conformity and habituation; and to create a sustainable world for ourselves and those we care about.  As in all things meaningful and relevant, for each of us it must begin with us.

In conversation with: 

Naomi Irons  – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Registered CODE Model Coach™ – is deeply committed to honouring the truth of her own experience… no matter what!  Passionate about Life now and into the future, Naomi brings a depth of perception spawned from  a wide range of experiences with others, along the path to her own accelerated evolution.

In her own words:  “I believe it will take each of our willingness to stand in the now, as the powerful women we know ourselves to be; to trust ourselves and each other enough to stand face to face with the sometimes rugged truth we carry, confront it, and allow our greater intention to be what moves us forward on this grand adventure. In my world, truth connected to organic intention is the acceleration I believe we are all up for! When either one exists on their own, our worlds become much too small and weeny.

The power of contagion of an awakened collective with shared intent is what is unfolding potently right now as I look out through my eyes. As we continue to trust that LeaderSelf is not a ‘job’ or an on/off switch we can experience the magnificent Creators we already ARE…and everything falls from there. 

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Radical EVEolution

Join Louise, Naomi and four other informed, awake and provocative women at our new, one-day event of : 

Radical EVEolution: Reclaiming LeaderSelf

Ottawa, ON
June 7 2014
Kanata Holiday Inn
$399.95 plus HST


Register now – choose the date and location which calls to you.  If you are ready for more, you can benefit from the special pricing on a CD package created for this  experience, available only to people who attend Radical EVEolution.

You may be interested in the following CD sets to accelerate your evolution…

Women and FearWomen and Fear: Choosing Beyond Limitation is your invitation to explore your perceptions of your own limitations.

We live at a time when density and intensity are ramping up in ways that defy our understanding of reality… leaving us to explore and discover ‘How else might I choose to live my life, today?”

Fear is palpable. Fear of climate change. Fear of conflict and war. Fear of violence – against women, against children, against men. Fear of scarcity and deprivation. And the list goes on

If we do not find another place to stand, we are destined to look around us, outside of us, and notice what others are choosing – and quite likely, choose the same or the opposite. But what if there is another way to choose?

This is your invitation to stop… take a breath… discover what’s true for you… and come together with other women of courage, humor and compassion to find out what really matters to you!

Listen to a sample of the Women and Fear  CD

Sample of Women and Fear

For more information, click here

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Sekhmet Rising: Daring to Awaken

Somewhere between rage, outrage and silence, is the opportunity for us to redefine ourselves!  The new CD set,  Sekhmet Rising: Daring to Awaken,   invites you into the authentic and powerful conversations of the women who gathered together to explore ‘what else is possible‘.

There are lots of places you can go to be motivated, inspired and propelled into a better moment. And yet, how often do we have these moments, only to awaken the next day… next week… next month and discover that in truth, nothing has changed. We are still ourselves; and our lives reflect that simple yet undeniable fact.

Listen to a sample of the Sekhmet Rising: Daring to Awaken CD

Sekhmet Rising: Daring to Awaken Sample

For more information, click here

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Boundless LeaderSelf: The Call to Women to Lead

The  ‘Boundless LeaderSelf‘  CD set set offers a provocative and compelling new framework from which women might reconsider themselves (as leaders) and their creations.

LeaderSelf‘ offers a unique and potent expression of leadership for women.  Recorded at the Chateau Montebello in November  2013,  a small group of curious and courageous women gathered to explore and experience a new paradigm to connect ‘women’ and ‘leadership’.  The discoveries offer new eyes through which to see a long-standing challenge.

Far beyond our existing definitions and strategies, this emergent expression of ‘being’ has already begun to take root and make its way into and through this community.  The speed with which this has occurred; and the ease with which these concepts have been embraced is evidence that we have tapped into something intuitive to who we are as women, in its intimate and organic expressions of creations.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, listen in on the opening remarks as Louise LeBrun frames the exploration to come.

BLS Introduction Track

Allow yourself to be part of this opportunity, as women gathered in their great willingness and ability to explore something far beyond what we have been told… and know intuitively, as the intimate truth of our experience.  For more information, click here

To order this 6 CD set for $99.95, click here

The WEL-Systems online store has a number of other special packages for you to choose from, check them out.

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2 thoughts on “RYS Episode 96 with Naomi Irons

  1. Lisa J. Weiss

    A truly POWERFUL conversation and expression of LeaderSELF. Thank you both for your willingness to wander around, to take yourselves where you needed to go. As I listended so many insights popped into my awareness; another layer of internal referencing surfaced; it’s not just in one choice where change happens, it happens continuously; the process that is taking place inside MUST EXPRESS and EMERGE; approval and permission as non essential.

    There is so much more that I have yet to discover to give voice to. My body is vibrating as I stand on the cusp of allowing a GREATER EXPRESSION of mySELF to emerge.

    I have the impulse to put out for you to consider making the radio shows associated with the upcoming Radical EVEolution available at the community level until the event, in order to allow a greater audience access to invite and engage their curiosity to discover MORE.


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