Awakening As One – The Plan

Awakening As One exists for the sole purpose of inspiring and encouraging humanity to make the intelligent choice to unite and live for the peace and harmony of all, rather than for the material gain of the self.

Awakening As One commits the total sum of its available resources and creativity into the furtherance of the immediate divine objective for humanity and planet earth; which include 1) uniting those who hold a vision for a more harmonious existence, and 2) combining our diverse, yet complimentary skills, to spread about the truth of our times and inform humanity of the imminent choice that it will soon be compelled to make: will we continue to live for the Self, in fear, or for each other, in love?

The Plan” (2nd of 5 videos) can be viewed below – if you enjoyed the video, please consider sharing it with others.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to allow smooth viewing of the video click HD on the video’s screen to turn HD off, and allow the video to fully load before viewing.

“The Call” is the first video in the series –  The Plan is also from Keith Wyatt on Vimeo; visit Awakening As One and choose your way to become involved.

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