Living Free of Anxiety

Episode 15 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/06/17 ~ Living Free of Anxiety

As a young woman of 17, Lisa’s life seemed an enviable one! A good student and respected athlete, her life was unfolding in ways that most would consider ‘successful’. Then one day, she started crying and couldn’t stop. Days that once had felt fun and effortless were now filled with fear and dread. Today, at the age of 30, her life is a good one… and is not without its challenges. Join Louise and Lisa as she shares with us what it took to change her life; and how she continues to create a full and meaningful life, despite her moments of uncertainty and fear.

In conversation with: Lisa LeBrun – WEL-Systems:NLP Master Facilitator – has a good life! Now in management in the field of telecommunications, her work requires that she build teams, provide coaching and guidance to others, and engage in public speaking on a regular basis. Her ongoing commitment to her own evolution demands that when her fears arise, she chooses to move into them and engage – rather than run away. Her willingness to do so has profoundly touched the lives of many women around her, just by being willing to be herself.  You may also be interested in the Living WELness CD ~ Letting Go of Anxiety which features Lisa LeBrun.

Listen to Episode 15

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