Evoking Potential with Our Children

Episode 13 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/06/03 ~ Evoking Potential with Our Children

The future is in the hands of our children.” We say that and yet, we continue to teach our children how to be who we have been.. plus 10%. Imagine how our world could unfold if we were to engage with our children to evoke their potential in ways that expand their realities and ours, rather than causing them to seek to find ways to fit into the realities we define for them. That takes more than discipline and good manners. Who must WE become in order to awaken our children to their courage, curiosity and the willingness to be true to themselves? Join Louise and Susan Bremner as they explore what it takes to invite and allow our children to discover how to be uniquely and authentically themselves.

In conversation with: Susan Bremner – Certified CODE Model Coach™ – has been working with others for most of her adult life. With a background in social work counseling, she knows well the challenges that face women and their children as they move through troubling times in their lives. As a National StarSkate Coach, her work with adolescents and young children (and their parents) goes well beyond their athletic ability to perform on the ice. Her passion, for helping them see the creative potential that they do not yet know exists, is what fuels their performance… and their lives! To find out more about Susan, visit her website. www.quantumlifecreations.com

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