RYS Episode 91 with Louise LeBrun and Holly Irons

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 91 ~ Crones: The Power of Permission

Reclaiming Your Self

Today, we’re going to take a look at what it can mean to be a Cultural Crone…. to be that woman who has lived long and knows deeply; who has trusted the power of innocence and known intimately its great consequences; who has danced in the magic of creation and the ongoing responsibility of its expressions; and who now, is coming to discover the density of cultural coma and what it takes to penetrate the illusions of limitation of time, presence and possibility.

Drawing from the paradigm-shifting expressions of Maiden, Goddess and Crone as explored in the WEL-Systems® audio program on Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings, we are about to step into a process of discovery that will take us to consider:  As Crone, how else might I choose to be fully and authentically my Self?   How else might I be the living permission for younger women to lay down the limitations of culture, history and habit… and live large!   We hold the power to control, chastise and limit the women whose lives we touch… OR to let go of our own perceived limitations and pave the way for women to come to know themselves differently, deeply, authentically and now!

Join Louise and her guest as they consider ‘The Power of Permission’ of the Cultural Crone.

In conversation with: 

Sheila Winter Wallace

Holly Irons – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Registered CODE Model Coach™ – has a background as  a Registered nurse and a Registered Massage Therapist.  Holly has been in health care for 40 years and cares deeply about what makes her and others heal.  Mother and Grandmother; partner, colleague and friend, Holly is both willing and able to have impact on her world!

In her own words:  “I am interested in creating a new world, not fixing the old one. A world where I know I AM the Creator. I AM Abundance. I AM the Essence that TRANSFORMS my world. I AM interested in raising my consciousness through the words I use and the past I let go of… and choose mindfully in the present moment.

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The Power of Permission: The Wisdom of the Crones

Curious for moreThe Power of Permission: The Wisdom of the Crones is an invitation – a Call – to women 50+ to return to that place deep within and from which there is no reason to run.

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3 thoughts on “RYS Episode 91 with Louise LeBrun and Holly Irons

  1. Cathy Saunders

    Thank you Holly and Louise…so much here in this conversation for me, as a woman, in her mid “40s”, so much resonated for me, inSide, as I listened and considered my own journey of EVEolution, as woman. I feel what some might call at great TRANSITION, on so many levels of expression in mySelf, and my “L”ife. As I consider the upcoming retreat Raina and I are collaborating on, at the end of Feb, the invitation for US as women to Awaken, Express and Celebrate Self in Community…I too, feel NOW, the awakened invitation to explore, experience and express, my feminine, maiden, goddess integrating, as I move into my full expression of Crone differently. So thank you. I can see a world where women, come together, organically bridging our journey across “generations” redefining and inviting our whole, unique, essential Selves into our worlds. There is such RIG (respect, integrity and generosity of spirit) that for me, lives in your conversation and INVITATION. Huge hugs to you both. I sit here with immense potential and possibility.

  2. Louise LeBrun

    Hi Cathy,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your insights – much appreciated. When you’re ‘old enough’ we’ll have another! 🙂 Or maybe the next time, we’ll gather all the Goddesses who are intimately connected to their Crone expression… their deep, intuitive knowing of a much greater LIfe, as possibility AND invitation! Sounds like fun to me….

    This April event feels very important to me. There is a significant wave of Baby Boomer women (like moi) who have not a clue of how potent they can be – in their own lives and in the lives of the women they care about. This April call, is one to awaken to that heavily sanctioned natural truth that lies dormant….waiting…. just waiting…..

    BTW, just how close are you to 50? 🙂


  3. HollyIrons

    Thank you for sharing about approaching this age in life. There is so much to consider in the way we see our lives and let it unfold. I AM in awe of you knowing knowing so much so young!!

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