RYS Episode 87 with Nancy Hanlon and Jaime Lowe-Roach

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 87 ~ Women and Safety: Living and Awakened Life

Reclaiming Your Self

For many women, the notion of safety is a fleeting thought – until we are on our own, find ourselves in unwanted situations or at the hands of being victimized by the cultural hum. Today’s conversation moves beyond the nature of safety at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level – and invites you to begin to consider safety as an inside job.

In a world where we are bombarded with external images/voices of violence, which feeds the cycle of fear and powerlessness – this is an exploration to stop, breathe, listen, take time to be present in your body and thoughts – and begin to consider, What else is possible?

This exploration is not about the answers or the how to be safe, it is an open forum exploration of two women diving into the conversation so that in each other’s company, they can discover more. Nancy’s and Jaime’s willingness to be outloud in this conversation in turn invites others, to consider: How else might I live my life today?

Guest Host:  Nancy Hanlon – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Registered CODE Model Coach™

Nancy is deeply committed to her own evolution; and to engaging with others as they carve out meaningful lives, for themselves. A Social Worker by training, Nancy is also a Dancer… at the very core of her being.

In her own words:  ”I am passionate about offering conversations and movement that invite and activate individuals in choosing what is deeply meaningful for them in the now.  I know, it will require the unique voices and expression of many, to create the transformation I seek in my life and larger world, I live in with others.

In conversation with: 

Jaime Lowe-Roach– WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Registered CODE Model Coach™. She has been on a passionate journey of accelerated evolution through WEL-Systems since March 2012!  Her great purpose and desire to create a world where Women and children can come to know themselves as powerful creators, this drives her creations. Awakening others to come to know their Sacredness and their deep inner truths propels Jaime in her Life!

In her own words:   “It takes safety inside the body to invite and allow mySelf to know what I know, hear what I hear and see what I see, breath by breath!


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3 thoughts on “RYS Episode 87 with Nancy Hanlon and Jaime Lowe-Roach

  1. Louise LeBrun Post author

    Thank you, Nancy and Jaime, for a thought-provoking exploration. To hear you take the conversation beyond the external cues, to recognize that there are internal cues that precede those, is profoundly meaningful to me. If we could just allow ourselves to trust and act upon what we all, already, know!

    Through your exchange, what became evident to me is the dance of courage and insight. As courage arrives, insights follow; and with each insight, courage grows. Nice!

    Deepest appreciation to you both for your willingness and ability, to ENGAGE!

    Hugs to you both,

  2. Heather Boudreau

    Nancy and Jaime, as always I am reminded daily what I need to continue in my journey. A timely post for me as you know Nancy. As I listened this morning the word chaos resonates in me. I had taken the roller skates off. This post reminds me…for me…when I choose to ignore those inner cues…life presents with those unpleasant external ones.

    Thank You
    Heather 🙂

  3. NancyHanlon

    Thank you both Louise and Heather for your comments. This radio show, continues to provide much insight and awareness in my daily moments.

    For so long I’ve lived my life based on the external cues, I was ‘terrified to go beyond what had always kept me safe (the habits and ways of being that I thought kept me safe)’ – a constant state of hyper vigilance, always on guard, bracing for the next potential assault against my being- be that emotional, mental etc.

    Long after the ‘danger’ was gone I stayed in this silent mode of protection – unaware until I entered my first WEL-Systems® Decloaking and Living Authentically experience – it was here over these 5 days, I began to consider safety in a broader context, I began to notice the difference, of living an internally referenced life, the potential that comes from following my inner cues. It was here I began to remember and trust -that there are internal cues that precede those external cues. From here my life has transformed and continues to expand at a rate I never thought possible… Am I willing to listen deep inside, and follow my Impulses? YES!
    With Much RIG,
    Nancy H.

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