Pain: Invitations to a Better Life?

Episode 6 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/04/15 ~Pain: Invitations to a Better Life?

We’ve learned well that the smart thing to do is move away from pain.   And yet, for so many, pain persists and continues to find us, no matter how far or how fast we run!  What if pain is a gift?   What if pain offers us an invitation to discover more about ourselves? What if our pain IS the most meaningful marker on the treasure map of our own evolution?   Join Louise and her guest Anita Allen as they explore how else to engage – and decipher – the pain in our experience.

In conversation with: Anita Allen – Certified CODE Model Coach™, registered physiotherapist, accomplished business woman, published author, educator and founder of Alternative Physio; to find out more visit Anita’s web site

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Deepen Your Discovery:  Join Louise and Anita in Episode 12 as they explore Pain and Illness:  The CODE Model™ Perspective, in search of a more powerful way to live!

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3 thoughts on “Pain: Invitations to a Better Life?

  1. Janet

    Louise- this is fantastic, Mahalo for sharing with the Universe. I noticed the people who called when I was listening to the tape …….ummmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh


  2. Louise LeBrun

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for making the time to share your experience of listening to this Episode. I appreciate it.

    Be sure to watch for a future show on the notion of Pain and Illnes: A CODE Model™ Perspective. I think you’ll find that future engagement with Anita will take this conversation to places where the notion of ‘spontaneous healing’ can become a personal experience.

    Warmest wishes,

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