RYS Episode 85 with Nancy Hanlon, Cathy Saunders and Sheila Winter Wallace

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 85 ~ Leveraging Body Genius for Change 

Reclaiming Your Self

This radio show offers the invitation to consider Engaging Language, Metaphor & the Body as Pathways to Well Being: A WEL-Systems® NLP Experience for Women.

One of the key presuppositions of traditional NLP is that all meaning is context dependent. If this is so (and it is!), what becomes possible if we expand the context for NLP from that of a Newtonian expression to that of a Quantum Biological experience?

Who might you be willing to become as you re-awaken the Self-trust within, re-vitalize your well being and re-claim your life for meaning and sustainability?

Join Sheila Winter WallaceCathy Saunders and Nancy Hanlon, as they dive into this conversation, and share their intentions for this 3-day open forum experience happening in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, October 18, 19, and 20, 2013.

To learn more or register for the experience click here.

Guest Host:  Nancy Hanlon – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach™


Nancy is deeply committed to her own evolution; and to engaging with others as they carve out meaningful lives, for themselves.  A Social Worker by training, Nancy is also a Dancer… at the very core of her being.

In her own words:  ”I am passionate about offering conversations and movement that push the edges of the status quo.  I know, it is at the edge of letting go, stepping into the unknown, that the greatest changes and transformation occurs in my life and others.


In conversation with: 

Sheila Winter Wallace

Sheila Winter Wallace – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Registered CODE Model Coach™ –  is well-versed and extensively practised in the power of language and metaphor.  An experienced Certified  Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, Sheila’s background is expansive  and includes a wide variety of methodologies of the body/mind.  Sheila is also a Full Initiator in Ancient Hawaiian Huna and a Reiki Master/Teacher; and  the Creator of BSI (Body/Spirit Integration) – an experience of hands-on, tactile CODE Model Coaching™.

In her own words:   “It is when I choose to embrace, own and speak to the truth of my experience… not something we think that others want to hear… and, yet, it is all illusion, really. When I deny that truth in, for, and by mySelf, my life gets really tough; and… mindlessly aiming to default to ‘tough’ is a choice. These days, I am awake enough so that I can consciously ‘feel’ the difference and own it.


Cathy Saunders – Registered CODE Model Coach™ and ACES 2013 participant  –  has been engaging her own WEL-Systems® journey for many years, launched by her WEL-Systems/Huna experience.  Since that awakening,  she has passionately engaged  WEL-Systems-based programs as a process to reclaim her authentic SELF and move beyond her habitual ways of being.

In her own words:  “I believe as leaders it is critical, now more than ever, to slow down, take care of our selves, our WHOLE selves and build in a new competency, a new priority for our life and work, OUR OWN WEL-BEING. Each of us are in different places in our lives, for a whole host of different reasons that will determine how we will in any given time define well-being for ourselves.


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