RYS Episode 83 with Nancy Hanlon and Jaime Lowe-Roach

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 83 ~ Women and Rage: From Silence to Creation

Nancy Hanlon

Guest Host:  Nancy Hanlon – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach™

For many women, their inner passion and wisdom have long been forgotten to the demands of partners, children, work and taking care of extended family and community.

As life fast forwards day by day, the turmoil of the inner Silence intensifies until the voice can no longer be held and/or the body manifests dis-ease. Silencing our inner truth and denying the space for our unique expression, is fertile ground for the intensity of rage to build. For many women, the thought of their own rage, and the expression of this immense intensity of this emotion can be an overwhelming and daunting experience to explore.

Today’s exploration is an opportunity for you to pause, create space inside yourself and consider:  How else might you choose to live your life, today!

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Nancy is deeply committed to her own evolution; and to engaging with others as they carve out meaningful lives, for themselves.  A Social Worker by training, Nancy is also a Dancer… at the very core of her being.

In her own words:  “I am passionate about offering conversations and movement that push the edges of the status quo.  I know, it is at the edge of letting go, stepping into the unknown, that the greatest changes and transformation occurs in my life and others.

In conversation with: 

Jamie Lowe-Roach

Jaime Lowe-Roach – ACES 2013 participant and Certified CODE Model Coach™ (in completion) –  began her WEL-Systems® journey in 2012.  Since that awakening,  she has passionately engaged the WEL-Systems based programs as a process to reclaim her authentic SELF and move beyond her habitual ways of being.

In her own words:   “Owning my rage has taken immense courage. As I’ve taken the leap, it (the courage) has naturally come with my hunger of wanting more for me.


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2 thoughts on “RYS Episode 83 with Nancy Hanlon and Jaime Lowe-Roach

  1. Ella

    Nancy & Jaime,

    Many thanks to each of you for showing up authentically as yourselves, willing to dive deep into this courageous conversation.

    There was such a resonance when you spoke about how many of us berate ourselves for how we express our rage. I know for mySelf, I spent years honing my skills at managing (at least), or silencing (at best), my own inner rage. These days, as I relax into my own rage, I can see what I see, hear what I hear and know what I know. This allows me to stay connected to my intuition on what to say yes to, what to say no to. I make wiser choices, I engage more meaningful conversation and I take action on my own behalf, and on behalf of my children.

    Rage is energy and information that need not be silenced and will indeed transform our lives, when we are willing to honour it as it moves through our body.

    “The shift came when I was able to own my intensity and then that intensity gave life to other areas of my life. So, the fire energy that I once constricted, closed in and wouldn’t share or would explode with when I was trying to manage that all, as I relax into it, it now becomes the intensity that feeds my creations.”

    I really appreciated this radio show and what I have paraphrased above, in particular. What a great way to start my day!

    With respect, integrity & generosity of spirit,


  2. NancyHanlon

    HI Ella,

    Yes the recording of this Radio show – was alot of FUN! Who would have thought an exploration on rage – would be just that!

    Thank you for the paraphrase ~ Fire energy is what propels me forward in my life.

    As I continue to own my intensity – the intensity feeds life into what’s meaningful to me.
    When I constrict, or only see my world through my limitations – creativity and possibility struggle – when I relax into it all, there is now space and possibilities that fuel my future, and I move through my world with ease and flow.

    With much RIG

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