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Thinking About… The Moment

Excerpt from:  ‘Whispers from Within‘ 10-day writing event – Day 3 “Perhaps peace and joy will be found in my willingness to simply stay in the present moment and fully embrace what presents…. seeking not to understand but simply to surrender to that moment…. trusting that there will be a next.  In my surrender, I am left without the essential… Read more »

You’re Invited: 10-day Writing Adventure!

I recently had the great privilege of stepping into the ‘Whispers from Within’ 10-day writing experience with a small group of women. These women were asked to be on this journey with me, bringing the full measure of their own concurrent evolution as I chose to dive more deeply into my own. The results for us all, have been outstanding… Read more »

Engaging and Awakening Other’s~ with Holly Irons and Jaime Lowe, October 19th/16 – October 23rd/16 in Beautiful, Rural Salt Springs, NS

Welcome, I am delighted you have found yourself here. I am Holly Irons, a WEL-Systems® CODE Model™ Coach and Affiliate and I am offering a five-day intensive program that is offered to those that have previously engaged in the five-day intensive “Decloaking and Living Authentically”. Decloaking was about the first chakra awakening, owning safety within the body, whereas Engaging and… Read more »

Igniting the Magic Within~ A Woman’s Empowering Retreat

“I Am here to Live…Laugh…Love…Celebrate…Expand…IGNITE and UNLEASH! I Am POWER…I Am MAGIC…In Honouring that I am FREE…Free to PLAY!”    ~ Heather Boudreau Join us as we give ourSelves permission in a WEL-Systems® based context of accelerated evolution, to BE the Magic that each of us is through conversations to Ignite the Magical Essence of the Relationship with Self! This… Read more »

Overcoming the Fear of Speaking Publicly

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking is a new program experience for individuals looking to move through and beyond their fear and can be accessed through public offerings or through your organization. For many giving a presentation at work, speaking to a group at a conference setting, or even in a class can be debilitating. Over 75% of the population… Read more »