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WSI Affiliates: Voices Raised

Every voice counts!  And every voice holds the potential to profoundly and generatively reshape ‘reality’ as we have come to understand it.  Below, you’ll find links to recent activities of two WSI Affiliates :  Betty Carr-Braint and Sheila Winter Wallace. Among many other things, Betty Carr-Briant is elder-in-residence at the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre at Queen’s University in Kingston. Her deep… Read more »

Mind to Mind: Michael Cremo

What is ‘reality’?  What is ‘truth’?  What does one have to do with the other? In today’s world, the answer to that question may well be:  not much!  In my unwavering curiosity about it all, I spend time allowing my own ‘reality’ to be freely infiltrated with the ‘truth’ of another.  Putting aside personalities and idiosyncrasies, I get to sit… Read more »

The Mystery of Consciousness

Long ago, I was introduced to the notion that: ‘All meaning is context dependent.”  Not all meaning some of the time; or some meaning all of the time… but ALL meaning, ALL of the time.  In that moment, I became mindful that the story we tell ourselves – about ourselves, about our world and about our ability to move through… Read more »

Thrive: Interview with Foster Gamble

Illusion is profoundly powerful when held as truth or fact.  Perhaps the greatest illusion that drives and shapes our ‘reality’ is that of money.   I wonder what our lives would be like were we to all be taught… at the earliest possible age… what ‘money’ is all about.  Would we remain its slave?  Would we go mindlessly down the… Read more »

‘Unplug!’ Podcast: Launching 2015 with Louise

It is never difficult for me to be in compelling and thought-provoking conversation with Deb Ozarko of ‘Unplug!’ podcast.  Our first conversation in July of 2014 made way for us to allow worlds to merge, in a way that invited the whole to become greater than the sum of its parts. Provocative enquiry with an undertone of being gentle with ourselves!  Now,… Read more »