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Thinking About… Reflections

Excerpt from:  ‘Whispers from Within‘ 10-day writing event – Day 1 “It is as if I am standing in front of a mirror, knowing that an entire world lives behind it’s reflected image. To touch it (that world), I need to learn how to NOT be so mesmerized by my reflection…. that I might see through.”   (Louise LeBrun) Be Inspired,… Read more »

You’re Invited: 10-day Writing Adventure!

I recently had the great privilege of stepping into the ‘Whispers from Within’ 10-day writing experience with a small group of women. These women were asked to be on this journey with me, bringing the full measure of their own concurrent evolution as I chose to dive more deeply into my own. The results for us all, have been outstanding… Read more »

Engaging and Awakening Other’s~ with Holly Irons and Jaime Lowe, October 19th/16 – October 23rd/16 in Beautiful, Rural Salt Springs, NS

Welcome, I am delighted you have found yourself here. I am Holly Irons, a WEL-Systems® CODE Model™ Coach and Affiliate and I am offering a five-day intensive program that is offered to those that have previously engaged in the five-day intensive “Decloaking and Living Authentically”. Decloaking was about the first chakra awakening, owning safety within the body, whereas Engaging and… Read more »

Igniting the Magic Within~ A Woman’s Empowering Retreat

“I Am here to Live…Laugh…Love…Celebrate…Expand…IGNITE and UNLEASH! I Am POWER…I Am MAGIC…In Honouring that I am FREE…Free to PLAY!”    ~ Heather Boudreau Join us as we give ourSelves permission in a WEL-Systems® based context of accelerated evolution, to BE the Magic that each of us is through conversations to Ignite the Magical Essence of the Relationship with Self! This… Read more »

Lingering in the Seduction of the Possible

It seems too appealing to resist. The simple act of thinking about it; pondering it; wondering; hoping…. and then choosing to linger in that delicious place of not-knowing.  To simply look away and embrace a relevant distraction, just a nano-second before that final, pressure-filled moment where acting on a choice seems inevitable. Likely, it is in that moment – and… Read more »