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Thinking About… Moments

Excerpt from:  ‘Whispers from Within‘ 10-day writing event – Day 5 “Life is a series of interconnected moments.  Life can change, from one moment to the next.   Moments.  Being in the living ’now’ and allowing it to flood the quantum biological device that is my body…. that is the instrument of the projection of my chosen reality.   To… Read more »

Thinking About… Conflict

Excerpt from:  ‘Whispers from Within‘ 10-day writing event – Day 4 “There is no short cut.  I can and will and must hold two opposing notions at the same time. The notion that I am a powerful Force of Creation, carving out my own life. The notion that I am alive in a place and at a time that relentlessly… Read more »

Thinking About… The Moment

Excerpt from:  ‘Whispers from Within‘ 10-day writing event – Day 3 “Perhaps peace and joy will be found in my willingness to simply stay in the present moment and fully embrace what presents…. seeking not to understand but simply to surrender to that moment…. trusting that there will be a next.  In my surrender, I am left without the essential… Read more »

Thinking About… Time

Excerpt from :  Awakening… to what?  written October 31, 2011.  Evidence that the passage of time solves nothing.  Only the conscious act of mindful Choice, can change a life and a world. “Awaken to the brilliance your body offers as the metronome of your existence; that which keeps the rhythm and the beat of your expressed truth… assessing and measuring… Read more »

Thinking About…Exhaling

  “We must allow ourselves to pause… and simply hear the free-flow exhalation of those inner, tumultuous and often-chaotic undulations of perception; devoid of the editing that comes from assessment, analysis and judgement.   Without that, all will remain captive to our current shared/collective capacity…. denying us the opportunity  to co-create something other than what we are currently bound to as ‘reality’… Read more »