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“New Paradigm – New World” Now Available on iPhone!

What a lovely surprise!  I found out today from a dear friend and colleague, that she could access my enhanced eBook ‘New Paradigm – New World: Awakening the Quantum Biological Human™‘ on her iPhone!  How wonderful is that! Here’s what iTunes says is required in order to purchase this enhanced eBook that includes more than 6 hours of sound files:… Read more »

Engaging 5-day: “How do I live?”

“Ten seconds of authentic presence can undo decades of cultural conditioning. That’s what makes it so dangerous to the status quo.” As I anticipate my last 5-day ‘Engaging and Awakening Others’ experience in August, I have been listening to the multi-CD set that accompanies the experience. In doing so, I hear the focus on the importance of living in the… Read more »

WSI Affiliates: Voices Raised

Every voice counts!  And every voice holds the potential to profoundly and generatively reshape ‘reality’ as we have come to understand it.  Below, you’ll find links to recent activities of two WSI Affiliates :  Betty Carr-Braint and Sheila Winter Wallace. Among many other things, Betty Carr-Briant is elder-in-residence at the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre at Queen’s University in Kingston. Her deep… Read more »

The Mystery of Consciousness

Long ago, I was introduced to the notion that: ‘All meaning is context dependent.”  Not all meaning some of the time; or some meaning all of the time… but ALL meaning, ALL of the time.  In that moment, I became mindful that the story we tell ourselves – about ourselves, about our world and about our ability to move through… Read more »

Buckle up! Naomi Irons at her (continuing) best!

If you do nothing else today, be sure to make the time to listen to this compelling exploration with Naomi Irons as a guest on Deb Ozarko’s ‘Unplug’ podcast.  You may not know where or when AND it will change your life!  My first pass took place at 4:00 a.m. as some nagging call was occurring in my body to… Read more »