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Deb Ozarko’s Great Adventure: New Book!

What an honour it was for me to be included in Deb’s Great Adventure! In the trusted and expansive Space that Deb creates; and in the very good company of so many others, Deb Ozarko’s new book opens up possibility where, today, one might be tempted to consider that limitation has become the norm! ‘Unplug: 26 People Share How They… Read more »

“New Paradigm – New World” Now Available on iPhone!

What a lovely surprise!  I found out today from a dear friend and colleague, that she could access my enhanced eBook ‘New Paradigm – New World: Awakening the Quantum Biological Human™‘ on her iPhone!  How wonderful is that! Here’s what iTunes says is required in order to purchase this enhanced eBook that includes more than 6 hours of sound files:… Read more »

The Gifts of Imperfection — a Review

The Gifts of Imperfection Brené Brown Hazelden, 2010 ISBN:  078-1-59285-840-1 I first heard Brené Brown speaking on CBC Radio One as I was driving home from church one Sunday.  Funny how things come to us when we least expect them and how much they can impact our lives if we are open to the opportunity they present.  Brown was speaking… Read more »

Lynn Andrews on Shamanism

Lynn Andrews‘ work changed my life.  Long ago, at a time when I had become lost to mySelf, her bold and unique expressions of potential being, for women, called me home.  I read every word; and read many of her works several times.  Dog-eared and imprinted by the moments of my life, her books awakened, cajoled, compelled and propelled me forward… Read more »