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Genie   September 13, 2017   No Comments on Acceptance

Put up.  Shut up.  Mind your place.  Wait for permission.  Accept that this is how things are. Acceptance.  What have you accepted without question?   Today I got the news that one of my sisters, the one I wrote about in ‘Realizations From My Birthday ‘ Realizations from My Birthday has had a stroke. And my first reaction was fear – that… Read more »

Realizations from My Birthday

Perhaps it’s our greatest lesson and one we only begin to fully accept and understand, as we age.  Choices.  It’s a tough one either when someone we love chooses other than we would like… or simply abdicates from choosing at all. And all we can do is remember that it’s not for us to change things or choose for anyone… Read more »

My ‘C’ Words

Genie   August 10, 2017   No Comments on My ‘C’ Words

Continue to celebrate your innate truth and every opportunity you have to know your truth.   I love BSI sessions [] with Sheila Winter Wallace. I go with something lurking in the back of my mind and playing out in my body and, within a few hours, I’m clear about what was bugging me.  I’ve worked through and metabolized it…. Read more »