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The Meaning of SAFE

It’s that time of the year when we head out, or receive members of our family and engage in the ritual of celebration. In a recent conversation it dawned on me that how ‘safe’ we feel with the ones we love might have different meaning for some. There is feeling safe, enveloped in love and warmth knowing we are seen… Read more »

The Hunger Within

Back in October, I had the opportunity to engage with Kathryn MacKinnon in kitchen makeover experience that is still sending ripples through my world. It began an exploration, really an awakening of: “What if we don’t know we are hungry because we keep topping ourselves up? What if, what we are hungry for is BIGGER than, more than the food,… Read more »

TEDtalk: Poverty, Violence and Compassion

Yet more evidence that it’ s never just one thing but a network of interconnected things.  Our world/lives are tapestries and not single threads.  To create change, we must become weavers of our own designs. Gary Haugen is a human rights attorney who fights the chronically neglected global epidemic of violence agains the poor.     This post has been… Read more »

Movie: ‘Woman in Gold’

I saw this movie, yesterday, and found myself sitting in the dark… weeping. Powerful and compelling story, based on an event in ‘real’ life.  An uplifting story of courage, determination and the unwillingness to roll over and play dead. It is also a visceral journey through the incredible arrogance, greed and brutality that smoulders within the hearts, minds and souls… Read more »

Penetrating Your SELF – A Podcast

Yesterday I released my most provocative InConversation podcast to date entitled Penetrating Your SELF. I recorded it two years ago with Ruben Irons and I knew it’s time had come. At the time, I knew I needed to re-contextualize the term penetration inside myself and to do so I had to engage with someone who shared my intensity. Ruben was… Read more »